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The Noise - Boston (Posted: 4.1.11)
Sight Unseen
6 tracks
It can only be a positive thing that A Wish for Fire can make one feel the full-CD satisfaction in only six tracks. This was just the right amount of rock to capture the feel of this band—not too much and yet still leaving you with the desire to hear more. I especially felt that after the first track, “Bring Me Back”—a song that I wished was longer! It has most traits of a superb, memorable rock song—urgent, dynamic, stick-in-your-head… then suddenly it was over and I wanted to hear more. The CD continued with guitar-driving rock that is evidently filled with sincere passion. They’ve been compared to Muse for that definitive dreamy feel, but I’d say there’s a dash of early 2000s heavy rock with the captivating slice of Muse-ness (one of my favorite bands)—I’d call it accessible heavy modern rock perhaps. But more so A Wish for Fire have their own thing going on so why define it. Other standouts: “Steal Away” and “Better to Regret.” And am still looking forward to hearing more.
(Debbie Catalano)

Playground Boston (Posted: 1.20.11)
Photo Gallery: The Sheila Divine Reunion with Orbit, A Wish For Fire @ The Paradise, 1/14
- Bryan Donoghue. Matt Lambert - (link)

Boston Band Crush (Posted: 1.13.11)
Show Crush: The Sheila Divine / Orbit / A Wish For Fire at the Paradise tomorrow night
"Psychedelic metal/progressive shoegaze outfit A Wish For Fire is opening the night up, so do yourselves a favor and get there early. They are a sight to see."
- Richard Bouchard - (link)

The Weekly Dig Boston, MA (Issue: 12.8.10-12.15.10)
"Never, ever, ever ask a metalhead to make a wish. Not even if it’s 11:11 on their fucking birthday. Seriously, last time that happened, we had to draw up some new maps, ya dig? Illustrating this valuable life lesson is the carnage-prone Cantabrigians of A Wish For Fire, plying their maniac, face-melting alt-rock to the hardcore-hatted crowd at Great Scott this evening. “Muse for Grown-Ups,” as they’ve been called (right here, for example), these devout deacons of devastation have still got a high going from their acclaimed EP release, so expect some serious aural arson. [1222 Comm. Ave., Allston. 617.566.9014. 9pm/18+/$9.]"
- J. Patrick - (link)

91.7FM WCUR (The Curve) - West Chester, PA
"[8 out of 10 stars]
A Wish For Fire has self released their first full length album, Sight Unseen, after playing seven years in the New England, specifically Boston, circuit. Their musical talent is put on display with their powerful percussion, dreamy guitar, solid bass and gritty vocals. This album is full of raw energy, hauntingly thoughtful lyrics and psychedelic melodies. In all its simplicity, it is a wonderfully crafted example of gothic rock, with clear influences from alternative, progressive and classic rock legends of the past."
-Christine Vecchione - (link)

From "If you are a fan of Muse, check out A Wish for Fire. These guys have been a Boston band for years now playing the same style of music and you don’t have to deal with pesky Twilight fans and their mothers."

Boston Band Crush (Sight Unseen CD Release show)

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