A Wish For Fire
(Photos by Nic)

A Wish For Fire is...
Owen Beane - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Organ [Center left]
Anthony Mellace - Drum, Percussion [Far right]
Mike "Sep" Sepavich - Guitar, Vocals [Center right]
Nikolan Ellis - Bass [Far left]

Owen Beane with A Wish For Fire has been lighting up Boston clubs seemingly in anonymity for years. The band went through some early lineup changes, but now has evolved into a distinctly more aggressive yet ambient, melodic amalgam. This is due to the addition of freight train drumming by veteran Anthony Mellace, distant and distraught guitars by Mike “Sep” Sepavich and the newest addition of Nikolan Ellis augmenting their sound with his tasty bass stylings. Hard to describe and tough to compare, they’re often joked about being the “Best band in Boston… no one’s ever heard of…“ yet. Having now opened for musical influencers like The Sheila Divine, Dear Leader and Ours (Jimmy Gnecco), performed in conferences like NEMO and competed in the time honored local music showcase/competition, “Rock and Roll Rumble” A Wish For Fire wishes to break out of crowded Boston music scene and find their audience. With their fifth release The Allegory arriving on September 15th and a steadfast belief in what they are creating, the band is finally grabbing the attention of the Boston music scene and plans to expand their reach outside the confines of the route 128.

Described as everything from “Muse for grownups1” to “Psychedelic metal/progressive shoegaze2” to “gothic rock, with clear influences from alternative, progressive and classic rock3” A Wish For Fire is a hard band to pigeon hole and that’s the way they like it.

Their live shows are executed with intensity, precision and a seasoned skill usually seen in bands playing larger venues. They attack small venues with the veracity of an arena with their loud and anthemic style of rock. A Wish For Fire’s approach to their live performance has been described as…”plying their maniac, face-melting alt-rock to the hardcore-hatted crowd... “Muse for Grown-Ups,” as they’ve been called (right here, for example), these devout deacons of devastation have still got a high going from their acclaimed EP release, so expect some serious aural arson.” - J. Patrick The Weekly Dig Above all, A Wish For Fire cares about telling their story; purging their demons and being part of the music lexicon and giving back to music what has given them so much. The band believes “if people can use one of our songs help them through a difficult time or escape from life for a while, then we’ve accomplished something very special. Music has helped us countless times and continues to help us; we wish to pay it back.” Debbie Catalano of The Noise [Boston] seems to be on board…

“It can only be a positive thing that A Wish for Fire can make one feel the full-CD satisfaction in only six tracks. This was just the right amount of rock to capture the feel of this band—not too much and yet still leaving you with the desire to hear more. I especially felt that after the first track, “Bring Me Back”—a song that I wished was longer! It has most traits of a superb, memorable rock song—urgent, dynamic, stick-in-your-head… then suddenly it was over and I wanted to hear more. The CD continued with guitar-driving rock that is evidently filled with sincere passion. They’ve been compared to Muse for that definitive dreamy feel, but I’d say there’s a dash of early 2000s heavy rock with the captivating slice of Muse-ness (one of my favorite bands)—I’d call it accessible heavy modern rock perhaps. But more so A Wish for Fire have their own thing going on so why define it? Other standouts: “Steal Away” and “Better to Regret.” And am still looking forward to hearing more.4

There are many more Debbie Catalanos out there. And A Wish For Fire is hell bent on finding them. Are you one? Listen to one of A Wish For Fire’s CDs or experience one of their live performances and judge for yourself. A Wish For Fire’ cinders are ready to ignite and spread one person at a time…

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